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Services | Aberdeen St Church

Baby Dedication/Blessing

The arrival of a new baby brings such joy and excitement to the family.  It is always a privilege for us to have the opportunity to share the thanksgiving and celebrations with families. We look forward to sharing your joy and partnering with you in this challenging but rewarding task of raising your precious child in the Lord.  At Aberdeen Street we offer the following ceremonies;


In a dedication Christian parents are presenting their child to God and making a public commitment to do all they can to raise the child in the training and instructions of the Lord in accordance with the bible. Therefore by dedicating your child to the Lord you are;

  • Publicly affirming your faith in Jesus Christ and that you are committed to a personal relationship with Him.
  • Acknowledging that your child is a gift from God and to give thanks to God for him/her.
  • Publicly committing yourselves to raising your child in the Christian faith by training, prayer, bible teaching, example, and a regular pattern of church attendance.
  • Initiating your child into the local church fellowship to which you are committed, and where he/she will be nurtured in partnership with the church family.


A blessing is conducted for children whose parents may not be practicing Christians but want to give thanks to God and seek God’s blessings on their child’s life, without making any specific promises regarding the Christian faith.

The blessing itself consists of prayers for God’s special favour, mercy or benefit upon the child for prosperity, protection, provision and future success, and a formal declaration of God’s blessing.


God-parents are intended to ensure that there is a godly or spiritual influence in the child’s life, especially where the parents are not practicing Christians.  As such, god-parents are meant to be practicing Christians. We suggest that when choosing god-parents you consider using people who are committed Christians.  If you wish to ask others who are not Christians we suggest you refer to them as Guardians.  You could, for example, have two god-parents and three Guardians.

Church Attendance

If you do not normally attend Aberdeen Street Church, we would love to get to know the family prior to the blessing or dedication. We would therefore expect you to attend services for at least 4 Sundays prior to the blessing. We would also ask you to make this your local church and continue to attend as often as you can after the blessing.


Please ensure that you and your guests arrive no later than 11:00 so you can be seated in time for the start of the service.  A late arrival may mean the blessing will be conducted at the end of the service.


Marriage Services

Planning to Get Married?

What do we need to do?
Once you have made the decision to marry you should;
(a) Contact the Minister at the church you wish to marry to discuss the wedding and agree a suitable date.
(b) Find and reserve a suitable venue for your reception.
(c) Contact your local registry office giving no less than 16 days’ notice of the marriage. If you live in separate Local Authority areas both parties will need to give notice to the registrar in the district where the marriage is to take place. You will need to make an appointment and they will inform you what documents you will need to take with you.
(d) Find someone who can provide appropriate pre-marital counselling. Weddings cost a fortune but only last a day. Good counselling can also cost you but the benefits can last a lifetime; invest wisely.
Aberdeen Street is registered as a venue for conducting marriage ceremonies. We have resident ministers who will carry out the ceremony and registrars who will ensure that everything is in order and issue your marriage certificate.
If you are planning to get married and would like to consider Aberdeen Street as a venue, we would be happy to accommodate you. We would advise however, that you contact us well in advance, preferably six months, but no less than three months.
We also have individuals who can provide wedding planning services, decorations, chair covers, printing, catering, photography and video recording. However, you will need to make separate arrangements with them.


Anniversary Celebrations

If you have reached a significant milestone such as a wedding anniversary and wish to have a service of renewal, thanksgiving and celebration we would be happy to host it at Aberdeen Street. Please contact us to discuss the details.


Funeral Service

What to do When Someone Dies.

This can be a very difficult and traumatic time and it is sometimes difficult to know what to do or where to start. The good news is, help is available. We have provided some basic information below, to help you get started. If you need further help or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Aberdeen Street.
(a) Obtain a death certificate from a GP or hospital doctor.
(b) Register the death within 5 days. You can go to any Register Office; however, if you go to the office in the local authority area where the person lived they can issue the documents you need on the same day
(c) Take some form of identification of the deceased person such as death certificate, birth certificate and marriage certificate as necessary. Details of the person’s address, occupation and date of birth. You will need to make an appointment so please ask what documents you need.
(d) Contact a Funeral Director who will guide you through the process and liaise with the various parties such as the church and the cemetery. Alternatively you could begin by contacting a local Church minister who will also help and support you. They may also be able to recommend a Funeral Director.