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Ministries | Aberdeen St Church

Worship Division

Divisional Leader: Pastor Deseta Davis

The worship division is responsible for the prayer and music ministries within the church. This includes choirs, music, sound & PA and audio visual. The aim is for the church to worship in spirit and truth, one that invests in musical resources and to be a church that is actively committed to intercessory prayer. The objectives of the division includes having dynamic spirit filled, Christ Centred worship services, encouraging members to practice a lifestyle of genuine worship and regular engagement in targeted fasting and prayer.


Discipleship Division

Divisional Leader – Pastor Donna Gordon Rowe

Children’s Ministries

Leaders: Gracie Collins, Cleo Deidrick, Angela McCalla
Our children’s ministries provide a invaluable ministry for children between the ages of 2 and 12. They provide teaching and worship services upstairs every Sunday except 3rd Sundays when they join in the main service. Children also meet on the last Friday of each month for a time of worship and refreshments.

A Vacation Bible School takes place each year in August for children ages 2-14 years.

Youth Ministries

Leaders: Minister Brian Lynch, Andrea Beckford
The ministry aims to develop young people between the ages of 12 and 25 spiritually, socially and educationally.

Christian Education
Leaders: Donna Gordon-Rowe, Errol Johnson, Patrick Bryan
This ministry includes Sunday School, Bible Study and general Teaching ministry.

Women’s Ministries

Leaders: Lorna Campbell, Debbie Allen, Minister Barbara Burrell
Women’s ministry aims to develop the spiritual and social wellbeing of women of all ages. As well as services it provides opportunities for women to meet socially and provide practical support.

Men’s Ministries

Leaders: Sherlock Powell, Michael Henry
Men’s ministry provides a forum for men to meet, conduct services and engage in social activities in order to develop spiritually and socially.

Senior Ministries

Leaders: Victilin Small, Minister Granville Gregory
Senior Ministry engages older members of the congregation in various activities including their own worship services and social activities. We also provide useful information regarding health and well-being, benefits, safety and security etc.

Cell Groups

Coordinators: Pastor Charles Matthews, Minister Pauline Burrell.
The cell group ministry is mainly responsible for the pastoral care of church members. The membership is organized into small groups according to location. Each group has at least one leader who is responsible for coordinating the group’s activities. This enables members to meet for prayer, outreach, teaching, fellowship, social activities and mutual support.


Stewardship Division

Divisional Leaders: Pastor Paul McCalla, Minister Dennis McCalla

The aim of the stewardship division is to enable the God given gifts and resources to be used and managed effectively, maintain adequate, transparent systems of accountability and provide for a safe and secure environment. Stewards and the hospitality team ensure that visitors feel welcomed and encouraged.


Social Action Division

Divisional Leader: Minister Lawrence Telfer

Social Action is the practical arm of the church. This ministry includes a food bank, a yearly community festival, parent and toddler group (Divine Sanctuary) and a bereavement support group (BALM) amongst other practical support elements.
Please contact the church on 0121 551 3919, should you wish to be a part of any of these support sessions.


Evangelism Division

Divisional Leader: Pastor Alan Hepburn

Our evangelism team is responsible for planning and promoting and engaging the church in outreach activities, follow-up of new converts, visiting those in prisons and missions.