Profile of Pastor Paul McCalla

Pastor Paul McCalla

Bishop Paul McCalla who is our senior pastor has been at Aberdeen Street since 2012. He has been a Christian for over 36 years since his conversion at the age of 17. He has been a minister for 25 years and a pastor for over 17 years. Pastor Paul is married to Dorette and they have been blessed with one son, Warren.

Bishop Paul has a heart for people and is keen to see them grow in their love and commitment to the Lord and discover a real sense of purpose for their lives. His vision is a Christ centered church of over 1000 active, committed members who are transformed into a people of worship, with a heart for service. He believes this vision will be realized through the Holy Spirit’s enablement.

Bishop Paul is a keen student and has obtained a Masters degree in Applied Theology from The Queen’s Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education, awarded by the University of Birmingham.


Profile of Pastor Deseta Davis

Sitting3Pastor Deseta Davis has served in various capacities within the Church of God of Prophecy since her conversion at the tender age of 13. She accepted the call to the ministry in 2002 and was later appointed as Assistant pastor at the local church at Aberdeen Street where she currently serves. Pastor Deseta is married to Charles, they have 2 children and a beautiful granddaughter.

Pastor Deseta has over 20 years teaching experience and her heart is to see the whole congregation discipled and prepared for service, fulfilling their God-given potential. She has completed her MA in Applied Theology and is embarking on a PhD.

Pastor Deseta has a number of voluntary roles including working with the International Bible Reading Association (IBRA) which publishes Bible reading schemes, encouraging regular Bible reading in 5 continents. She is also a trained voluntary prison Chaplain and is actively involved in the local prison. She believes strongly that the experience she has gained in pastoral care in the church is also instrumental within the prison and the wider community.


Profile of Pastor Charles Matthews

Pastor Charles Matthews Pastor Charles Matthews has been a committed Christian for 47 years and a minister for many years. He is happily married to Eileen, his wife of 34 years and they have three daughters.

Pastor Charles has a genuine heart for people and like a good Shepherd he is constantly seeking to find and restore those who have wandered from the faith and provide spiritual, physical and emotional care to many others. He is a passionate preacher of the Word and a dedicated servant of God.

As part of the pastoral team, Pastor Charles is responsible for overseeing Evangelism and Pastoral Care Ministries. These include outreach, cell groups and nurturing new converts.


Profile of Pastor Alan Hepburn

Standing4Pastor Alan Hepburn has been a Christian since 1982 and has served in varying capacities in the church. He has been a minister since 2002 and is the newest member of the pastoral team having been appointed in 2014. He is married to Jacqueline and they have 2 daughters.

Pastor Alan has a heart for God and people. He is a gentle and approachable person which encourages people to seek him out for support. He has a deep empathy and a heart for serving others. Alan is a passionate preacher and teacher of the Word as well as a great singer and worship leader. He has a God-given ability to bring the best out of people.

As part of his personal development Pastor Alan is currently undertaking a BA in Theology. As a member of the pastoral team Alan is responsible for overseeing the Discipleship Division. This includes men, women, youth, children and family ministries as well as Christian Education.